Barnard-Columbia-Juilliard Exchange

In this unique exchange program, qualified undergraduate students at Barnard or Columbia take private music lessons with Juilliard studio faculty members, while Juilliard dance and music students may enroll in liberal arts classes at Barnard or Columbia (schedules permitting). Though this is not a dual degree program, it may be possible for Barnard or Columbia students enrolled in the Exchange to apply for an accelerated Master of Music degree, therefore earning a Bachelor of Arts from Barnard or Columbia and a Master of Music degree from Juilliard within five years (potentially six years for voice majors).

Barnard and Columbia Undergraduates

The Program

A limited number of current or prospective Barnard and Columbia students may have the opportunity to pursue private music lessons at Juilliard. Successful applicants to the undergraduate Barnard-Columbia-Juilliard Exchange are full-time registered students at Barnard or Columbia.

The program comprises:

  • weekly lessons with a member of the Juilliard faculty
  • annual juries, which determine eligibility to continue in the program
  • possible participation in classical or jazz chamber music groups (may require departmental approval)
  • optional Juilliard Orchestra placement auditions (for experience only; Exchange students are not placed in the Orchestra)
  • optional participation in concerto competitions

It is important to note that the Exchange does not include participation in Juilliard large ensembles such as the Juilliard Orchestra, the Juilliard Jazz Orchestra, or any Juilliard classes.


The fee for private music lessons at Juilliard is in addition to the tuition paid by Barnard and Columbia students to their respective schools. Students should refer to each college’s website for information about financial aid, as well as lesson fees. The additional tuition expenses for program participants will be factored into the awarding of each applicant’s need-based financial aid eligibility at their home institution.


The process for applying to the undergraduate exchange is the same as the process for applying to Juilliard's Bachelor of Music (BM): applicants must submit a Juilliard Application for Admission (in addition to their applications to Barnard or Columbia), including pre-screening materials if required, by the published deadline. Admission to the Exchange is highly selective, with only 10–12 students from all classical and jazz music majors admitted each year. The application fee for undergraduate Exchange only applicants is $35.

Applicants to both the undergraduate Exchange AND Bachelor of Music at Juilliard: Barnard and Columbia applicants who apply to the undergraduate Exchange may also choose to apply to The Juilliard School for the BM. On Juilliard's online application, please select “Barnard-Columbia-Juilliard Exchange AND Bachelor of Music." It is possible, because of the selectivity described above, that applicants to both Juilliard and the undergraduate Exchange may be admitted to Juilliard’s BM program only, and not the undergraduate Exchange, regardless of admission status at Barnard or Columbia.

First-time college students who are applying Early Decision to Barnard or Columbia must withdraw their Bachelor of Music applications if admitted Early Decision, but may continue with their applications to the undergraduate Exchange only. The application fee for applicants to both The Juilliard School and the undergraduate Exchange is $110.

Accelerated Master of Music

Applicants who have been admitted to, and participate in, the undergraduate Exchange while attending Barnard or Columbia have the opportunity to audition for the Juilliard Master of Music (MM) degree program during the junior year at Barnard or Columbia. Undergraduate Exchange students must apply for the MM by the December 1 deadline and pay the regular $110 application fee. The pre-screening (if applicable) is waived. The applicant should complete most liberal arts requirements at Barnard or Columbia within three years, while taking major lessons at Juilliard. In the spring of the junior year, the applicant will audition at Juilliard for entrance to the MM. If admitted, the student will normally spend two subsequent years (three for Voice majors) primarily at Juilliard, while finishing any remaining undergraduate requirements at Barnard or Columbia. Successful completion of all requirements for both institutions will lead to a Bachelor of Arts from Barnard or Columbia and a Master of Music from Juilliard. If Barnard/Columbia students wish to pursue this option, they should seek counseling at both Juilliard and the home institution on how to make this option work for them.

Juilliard Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Dance & Music Divisions

  • Students must have completed at least one semester at Juilliard to be eligible to apply.
  • Undergraduate students in good academic standing may be eligible to enroll in a course per semester at Barnard or Columbia for enrichment purposes. Undergraduate students may utilize approved credits toward the liberal arts elective requirement in their degree programs. (Due to varying rehearsal schedules, it is not always possible for Dance Division students to participate in this program.)
  • Graduate students may elect to participate in this cross registration to enrich their focused performance studies; however, the courses do not satisfy graduate requirements.
  • Applications are available in the Office of the Registrar and must be filed each semester.

Drama Division

  • Due to actors’ intensive class and rehearsal schedules, Drama Division students are unable to participate in this cross registration program.
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