International Advisement

The Office of International Advisement (O.I.A.) helps international students, faculty, staff, and visitors with their visa status; with instructions for entering, leaving, and re-entering the U.S.; with work eligibility, extensions of stay, adjustment to life in the U.S.; and provides support for U.S. benefits such as Social Security applications, U.S. tax filing, and driver’s licenses. 

We also work to promote understanding among Juilliard community members of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The office organizes various events for community members to engage in cultural exchange and embrace the diversity found at Juilliard.  

About O.I.A.


Cory Owen, Assistant Dean of International Advisement and Diversity Initiatives
Meg Popick, Assistant Director of International Advisement


(212) 799-5000, ext. 358

Employment, Visas, and Forms

Getting Started

  • Requesting Support Letters Fill out this form to receive a letter for purposes of applying for a visa, establishing a bank account, inviting a family member to visit the U.S., or enrollment/residency verification.
  • International Student Employment   International students on F-1 and J-1 visas have very specific regulations about employment; this includes unpaid work. Any work done without proper authorization is a violation of immigration status and can lead to severe consequences.
  • Driver's License/I.D. Application Procedures O.I.A. recommends that all international students apply for identification in the U.S. so that you do not need to use your passport as your main form of identification.
  • [PDF] Once you have worked legally in the U.S., you can qualify for a social security number. We recommend that you obtain a social security number as quickly as possible; we are happy to help you with the procedure.
  • Filing U.S. Taxes All international visitors must file taxes in the U.S., even if you do not work here. O.I.A. will host numerous tax workshops in the spring semester to help qualifying international students file their tax paperwork.

F-1 and J-1 Student Visas

  • Comparing F-1 and J-1 Student Visas International students at Juilliard are often on the F-1 visa but can sometimes study on the J-1 visa. This chart discusses the differences between the two statuses. 
  • Maintaining Lawful F-1/J-1 Status All international students are required to maintain their lawful status. This page discusses the various regulations that international students on F-1 or J-1 status should know.
  • Special Considerations for J-1 Exchange Visitors Information on the 12-month and 24-month bars that impact certain J-1 exchange visitors and their eligibility for future J-1 visas.
  • [PDF] Juilliard's policy and F-1 student eligibility.
  • [PDF] Students in F-1 status qualify for off-campus work authorization after they’ve been at in good standing for at least one academic year at the college level. (AD students are exempt from this restriction.) Students must receive O.I.A. authorization prior to starting any off-campus engagement, even if it is unpaid. Please note that if you cannot get your approval signature because your teacher/administrator is not available, they can complete the online approval form.

After Juilliard

  • [PDF] Students in F-1 status qualify for one year of work authorization after graduation called Optional Practical Training (O.P.T.). Please plan to file for O.P.T. at least three months before your graduation date. O.I.A. provides workshops each semester on how to file this paperwork. 
  • O.P.T. Updates Form  Students participating in O.P.T. must report changes in employment, U.S. address, name, and visa status within 10 days of the change. 
  • [PDF] Students who wish to stay in the U.S. to work as a performing artist often must obtain an O-1 visa. Here are some helpful tips for filing an O-1 visa petition.    

Hire Juilliard Performers

  • The Hire Juilliard Performers Form should be submitted to the O.I.A. for each international visitor and each gig done through Hire Juilliard Performers.

Faculty, Staff, and Visitors

  • Comparing Employment Visas Descriptions of common visa categories used by Juilliard international visitors, including who qualifies; restrictions; required paperwork; and the duration of stay permitted.
  • Hiring an International Visitor Request Form (To be completed by academic department) If you will be hiring an international visitor, you must complete this form so that O.I.A. can determine the most appropriate visa category for their stay. 
  • DS-2019 Request Form (To be completed by incoming visitor) Used for requesting DS-2019s for J-1 short-term scholars, professors, and student interns
  • B-1/W.B. Visa Request Form (To be completed by incoming visitor) Better known as a "tourist" or "business" visa, this page is for international guests who wish to use this visa to enter the U.S.

International Travel Alerts and Advisories