Public Safety

The Juilliard Department of Public Safety is responsible for the security of people and assets at Juilliard. Our department consists of staff with security backgrounds in the U.S. government and the commercial sector and a team of uniformed Public Safety officers who are licensed by the State of New York.

The Public Safety department is on call, and there is always a Public Safety officer on premises, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our staff are located on the second floor of the Irene Diamond Building in room 230. Public Safety officers are stationed at the front desk in the lobby at 65th Street, the security station at the 66th Street entrance, and other locations throughout the building during operational hours.

Building Hours

  • Monday through Friday: 8am-midnight
  • Saturday: 8am-11pm
  • Sunday: 11am-11pm

Contact Us

Juilliard Public Safety

Adam Gagan, Director of Public Safety
(212) 799-5000 ext. 531


20th Precinct Station
120 West 82nd Street, between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues
(212) 580-6411

File a Report

Anyone witnessing suspicious activity or persons should report them to the Juilliard Public Safety (ext. 246) or by using the red emergency phones located throughout the school building. In the residence hall, students should call the 11th Floor Security Desk (ext. 7442). Lincoln Center Security will notify the residence hall staff member on duty. In cases of criminal activity, Juilliard Public Safety or Lincoln Center Security will assist students in filing a report with the New York Police Department (N.Y.P.D.). The Juilliard School is located in the 20th Precinct of the N.Y.P.D.

Emergency Response and Communication

  • In the event of a life-threatening emergency, please dial 911.
  • If a general emergency is occurring on the Juilliard campus, listen for instructions broadcast over the building’s public address system and/or obey the instructions of Juilliard officials or Public Safety officers.
  • The Public Safety main desk can be reached directly by dialing (212) 496-4911. In addition, red phones situated throughout the building can be used to notify us about urgent problems requiring immediate attention. These phones are monitored by the security front desk on 65th Street during building operational hours.
  • Juilliard also maintains an emergency notification system that sends both text and email messages to anyone currently registered as Juilliard students, faculty, or staff.

Building Access

The Juilliard School building is private property subject to the operating rules of the School and of Lincoln Center. Below is a summary of the School’s access policies and procedures.

Please note that entry to the building does not allow access to areas that have specialized locking devices and/or entry restrictions (e.g. Library).

Entrance to the Rose Building, which houses Juilliard’s Residence Hall, Health and Counseling Center, Cafeteria, and Fitness Center, is subject to the Rose Building’s entry and security procedures, which are not included here.

Currently Enrolled Students and Current Faculty and Staff

  • Valid Juilliard photo identification (main entrance or 66th Street security post)
  • Evening Division students, without photo IDs, will enter through the main entrance on 65th Street by showing their Evening Division ID card.
  • Temporary staff will be issued a temporary ID through the Facilities Office and will enter through the main entrance on 65th street.

Juilliard Alumni

Juilliard Alumni ID card (main entrance security post)

Guests of Currently Enrolled Students (College Division Only)

Up to two guests may sign in at security (main entrance only), and they must be accompanied by a student throughout their stay. Only College Division students may sign in guests.

Parents and Siblings of Pre-College Students

Parents have color-coded ID passes and are allowed to have siblings enter with them at the main entrance on 65th Street. However, access for parents and siblings is limited up to the third floor unless the enrollee is under the age of 11. For access to all other floors, parents must obtain a special pass issued by the Pre-College Office.

Parents and Siblings of Music Advancement Program Students

Parents have ID passes and are allowed to have siblings enter with them at the main entrance on 65th Street. Parents are allowed access to all floors.

Performance Attendees

  • Peter J. Sharp Theater: entry through street-level entrance on 65th Street for ticketed or non-ticketed shows.
  • Paul Hall, Morse Hall, McClelland Theater, Willson Theater, Room 301, and Room 305: after passing security, house management controls venue access.

Juilliard Store Customers

Entry only at 66th Street; no entry to main building.

Visitors for Meetings and Other Guests (including visitors to the Library and Archives)

Entry only at main entrance on 65th Street, after security calls the host and/or the host greets the visitor in the lobby, unless prior memo is posted.

Tours of the Building

For tours arranged by the Admissions Office, attendees will show security a letter from Admissions and enter at the main entrance on 65th Street. After entering, they will stay in the Admissions waiting area until the tour starts.

Service Contractors (e.g. elevator and fire alarm maintenance) and Emergency Repair Contractors (e.g. Roto Rooter, Con Edison)

Enter at the main entrance on 65th Street or 66th Street security post. Facilities staff will escort contractors to working locations.


  • Mail, FedEx, or other overnight: Entry at the loading dock on 66th Street. Access is controlled by Facilities.
  • Food: Entry only at main entrance on 65th Street, after security calls host.
  • Packages: During business hours, entry only at main entrance on 65th Street, after security calls the mailroom. During non-business hours, packages are taken at the security desk and will be given to mailroom personnel.

Pickups and Transient Vendors

Entry only at main entrance on 65th Street, after security calls host.

Photo Shoots/Press and School Groups/Clubs

Entry only at main entrance on 65th Street, with prior memo to security and coordinator at the security desk.

Contractor Survey for Proposal/Bid

Entry at the main entrance on 65th Street. Host is called to accompany contractor.

Government Employees on Official Business

Entry at the main entrance on 65th Street. Security will contact Facilities to accompany employee.

Outside Organizations

  • By contract, with prior memo at the 65th Street main entrance security desk.
  • All contracts involving use of The Juilliard School or Residence Hall will be coordinated through the Facilities Office. Please contact Ricky Eng at ext. 311 or 312. If Ricky is unavailable, Lee Sarkari will be the point of contact.
  • Examples of Outside Organizations include Lincoln Center, SAB Collaborative Events (e.g. MET, Sydney/London orchestras), outside auditions, rehearsals, workshops, meetings, performances (e.g., Boys’ Club), and temporary summer users (e.g., ESL, Imani Winds)

Lost and Found

If you find an item, please take it to the Public Safety main desk or the Facilities Office, room 232, so that it may be retrieved by its owner. Lost and found items are kept in the Facilities Office.