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Summer Dance

The deadline for applications to the 2017 Summer Dance Intensive has passed. We are no longer accepting applications for Summer 2017. The application for Summer 2018 will become available on September 1, 2017.

2017 Program Dates: July 9 -28

Online application deadline: Thursday, December 15, 2016, at 11:59 p.m. EST

The Summer Dance Intensive is a three-week program in classical ballet and modern dance for advanced students who are dedicated, disciplined, and dance with a generosity of spirit. The program is limited to dancers who have completed at least one year of high school/secondary school and who will not graduate before the program begins. Generally, this means that dancers in the program are aged 15-17 and have completed grade 9, 10, or 11. International students are welcome to apply. The program is designed to give young dancers a taste of what a Juilliard dance student's life is all about: refining technique and performance, broadening understanding of various dance styles, experiencing New York City, and making friends from all over the world. The program takes place at The Juilliard School in New York City, and optional on-campus housing is available.

Please note: Dancers must have significant prior training in ballet to attend this program. Pointe work is not required. Modern dance experience may be helpful, but is not required. At the start of the program, there will be a placement class for ballet, which will include pointe work for those women who are proficient.

A Typical Day at the Summer Dance Intensive

The day begins in one of Juilliard's six large studios with a ballet technique class, pointe, or men's class, followed by classical partnering or modern. Women who are not on pointe may take an additional ballet or modern class in lieu of pointe. After lunch, dancers take two additional classes which vary by day and include yoga, music, improvisation technique, modern, and other dance workshops. In addition to the daily technique classes, every dancer participates in evening rehearsals of new choreography and repertoire to challenge and explore the dancers' talents. These pieces are shown on the final day in a performance that includes presentations from the music class.

Teachers include members of the Juilliard College Dance Division faculty as well as renowned guest artists.

Students may stay in the Meredith Willson Residence Hall, adjacent to the Juilliard School building, and eat in the Juilliard cafeteria, a full service dining room. Students living in the residence hall are supervised by a staff of live-in professionals.

There is also time to see New York City. On free evenings and weekends, the dancers can opt to attend many activities supervised by the residence hall hosts, including Broadway shows, walks in nearby Central Park, movies, and free outdoor performances at Lincoln Center.

Detailed information on the admissions process is available below. Questions may be directed to

Application Deadlines

All dates listed below are "RECEIVED BY" deadlines.

dancer in Kaufman studio
photo by Todd Rosenberg


We welcome applicants who are:

  • advanced dancers with significant prior training in classical ballet. Familiarity with classic modern dance techniques is helpful.

  • in grade 9, 10, or 11 at the time of application (typically aged 15-17 at the time of the program). Dancers MUST have completed at least one year of high school/secondary school at the time of the program, but should not have graduated. Dancers who will graduate from high school prior to the start of the program are not eligible and may wish to consider applying to the 4-year Bachelor of Fine Arts college program instead.

  • seriously considering dance as a career and major area of college study. The program is truly a dance intensive and although there are opportunities for socializing, dancers whose main interest in attending is for social purposes are discouraged from applying.

  • available to participate in the entire three-week program.

Please note that international students are welcome to apply and are eligible to apply for scholarship, if admitted, as outlined under the "Tuition, Fees & Financial Aid" section.

The Juilliard School will make reasonable accommodations for students, guests and community members with qualified disabilities. If you need to request a disability-related accommodation, please notify the Office of Academic Support and Disability Services as soon as possible (but ideally no later than 2-3 weeks prior to your arrival on campus) to ensure timely accommodation.

Enrollment in the Summer Dance Intensive is limited to 44 students who demonstrate the required skills, either via video or at a live audition. Applicants must choose to audition either via video OR at a live audition, not both.

The first step in the admissions process is to complete the online application. The deadline to submit the online application is Thursday, December 15, 2016. The application will become unavailable that evening after 11:59 p.m. EST (New York time).

  • If you select "video audition" in the online application, your video must be uploaded to the online application per the instructions below.

  • If you select "live audition" in the online application, you will receive an email with instructions on how to self-schedule an audition via an online system.

  • Details on the audition process (both live & video) appear in the AUDITIONS section below.

Please note: Live auditions are available for registration on a first-come, first-served basis, and some auditions WILL fill to capacity before the application deadline. Therefore, if a dancer requires an audition in a particular city or on a particular date, it is recommended that the application be submitted well before the deadline.

Application Checklist

  1. Submit the online application and the $40 application fee no later than December 15, 2016.

  2. If submitting a video audition, upload the video to your online application.

  3. If planning to attend a live audition, be sure to schedule an audition via the instructions that will be provided in the audition scheduling email that follows submission of a complete application and payment of the application fee. There is no additional fee for live auditions.

  4. If you submit a video audition, or if you receive a callback at a live audition, have your primary ballet teacher submit a letter of recommendation by February 15, 2017. Please see below for more information.

Notification of Admissions Results

Final admissions decisions will be emailed once all of the live auditions are complete and the video auditions are reviewed by the faculty. Applicants who are not invited to stay for the modern dance portion of the live audition may reasonably conclude that they are no longer under consideration for admission.

Approximately 44 dancers will be offered admission to the program, and a waiting list of approximately 10-15 dancers will be established. All applicants will receive notification of their final admission status via email no later than Wednesday, February 22. Each applicant may audition one time per year.


Please choose one audition method, either video or in-person, as outlined below. All auditions are given equal consideration for admission.


Applicants should review their video for clarity before submitting. Please record each of the following three sections separately:

1. Introductory Section
A brief close-up shot of the dancer (face or ½ body), in which the dancer clearly states his or her name, age, and a brief history of previous dance training.

2. Technique Section (to musical accompaniment)

  • Grand Adagio with développés in each position, promenades, and pirouettes;

  • Petit Allegro, including jumps on two feet, jetés, temps levés, assemblés, and beats;

  • Grand Allegro including grand jetés and tour jetés, and either balancés or waltzes.

  • Men, please include simple tour en l’air.

3. Performance Section 
A prepared solo; the solo may be original choreography or from standard repertory. It should demonstrate the dancer’s artistic qualities and flow of movement, and should be approximately two minutes in length. The solo may be ballet or modern. You may include a second solo in the other style if you wish.

Pointe Work
Please note, pointe work is NOT required as part of the video audition. However, women are welcome to do the technique and/or the performance section en pointe if they so choose.

Clothing Requirement 
The dancer must be in a unitard or tights and tight fitting top or leotard that clearly enables the viewer to observe the dancer’s technique. No skirts, no loose fitting tee-shirts, no leg warmers, and no costumes. It is recommended that care be taken to wear colors that will stand out clearly from the background.

Please carefully consider the space in which you are filming: What is in the background (furniture, people, pets, signs, etc.)? Does your clothing contrast with the background color so that you are clearly visible? Is there enough light? While we do not require professional video quality, it is to your benefit to create the best possible conditions for filming. Please review your pre-screening before submitting it to be sure that you can be clearly seen throughout the duration of the video.

Video auditions must be submitted via the online application no later than 11:59 p.m. EST on December 15, 2016. Please note that the Dance Division faculty will not review pre-screening videos submitted via email, or on video-sharing websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.


Auditions are available for registration on a first-come, first-served basis, and some auditions may fill to capacity before the application deadline. Therefore, if an applicant requires an audition in a particular city or on a particular date, it is recommended that the application be submitted well before the deadline. Should your first choice audition date become full, please select another date or audition by video. 

The auditions in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Dallas are currently full. We have started waiting lists for the New York, Chicago and San Francisco auditions and will notify dancers on the list if space becomes available. If you are interested in joining the New York, Chicago or San Francisco waiting lists, please submit your application and pay the application fee before the deadline, and then send an email to with your request. Applicants on the waiting list who are unable to attend a live audition may submit a video audition instead.

We are no longer accepting names for the Dallas waiting list.

The audition will consist of a ballet class, followed by a callback consisting of a modern class. The faculty will only invite those students whom they are seriously considering for admission to return for the modern portion of the audition. Dancers who are called back to the modern class will be released 2-2.5 hours after the start time of the audition. 

There is no pointe work in the audition. A prepared solo is NOT required at the live auditions for the Summer Dance Intensive.

Any dancer who does not appear to have adequate dance training may be asked to leave for his or her own safety, as well as the safety of other dancers at the audition.

Required dress for the audition is black leotard, pink tights, and flat ballet shoes for women, and white t-shirt, black tights, white socks, and ballet shoes for men. Pointe shoes are not needed. For the modern dance section, candidates must be barefoot.

All details, including the exact location of the audition, will be available when registering for the audition (after the application has been submitted). Once The Juilliard School receives the submitted application, the applicant will be emailed instructions on how to self-schedule an audition via an online system. Auditions may not be scheduled until a complete application is received by The Juilliard School.

Letter of Recommendation (Video Audition and Called Back Applicants Only)

Applicants who submit a video audition must submit a letter of recommendation from a primary ballet teacher by February 15.

Applicants participating in the live audition who are called back to the modern class must submit a letter of recommendation from a primary ballet teacher by February 15. Please do not bring a letter of recommendation to the audition.

Additional letters of recommendation are NOT required or necessary. Dancers who are not called back to the modern class do NOT need to submit a letter of recommendation.

The letter of recommendation should address the dancer’s dedication, openness to corrections, clear technique, performance skills and citizenship both in and out of the classroom.

To register a teacher as a recommender, log into your online application. Click on the "Recommendations" section. In the "Recommendations" section, you can add, delete, or send a reminder to a recommender. After registering your teacher's name and email address in this section, the application system will send an automatic email to your teacher which provides instructions on how to submit the letter of recommendation online. You may track whether the letter has been submitted in your online application.

Photograph (Optional)

Applicants may submit a photograph if they wish. The preferred position for the optional photograph is tendu in second position with arms raised to second position. The photograph is not used for pre-screening purposes. After all auditions are completed and all videos are reviewed, the photograph is used in admissions committee meetings to help identify dancers who are being discussed for possible admission. Applicants who wish to submit a photo should upload it to their online application. This option may be exercised entirely at the discretion of the applicant. 

It is not necessary for applicants who submit a video audition to submit a photograph.

Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

Tuition & Fees for 2017:

  • Application Fee: $40 (there is no audition fee)

  • Tuition: $1,625

  • Room and Board On-Campus (optional): $1,355

Students who take part in weekend activities will need additional spending money.

Financial Aid:

Some financial aid is available for admitted students. Once admitted to the program, if a student wishes to apply for financial assistance, they are invited to submit a letter explaining their financial situation along with their parent or guardian’s 2015 or 2016 tax forms. International and U.S. students are eligible apply for financial aid. Financial aid awards are based on both need and merit.

Please note that most scholarship awards cover only a portion of tuition. In cases of extreme need, full tuition may be awarded but room and board are generally not covered by scholarship awards.